Boys Night – Thursday 4:00 – 6:00pm

Come along to Boys Night by Tom age 9

EDT Annual Show Civic Theatre ©Patrick Anderson 2013

Essex Dance Theatre places a large emphasis on dance being for anyone who wants to try it. Therefore, a free class is offered for any boys aged 8 years and above to encourage them to get involved.

There is no experience necessary – just come along & have a go.

EDT annial show Civic Theatre ©Patrick Anderson 2014

Boys night is taught by past EDT students who are now working in the proffesional dance industry, such as Ryan Heseltine & Jacob Holme. Pictured below performing at The Britts 2015. Ryan,jake,Chris Britts 2015

Click the links below to see them performing individual solos in 2013.

Ryan Heseltine

Jacob Holme

 Chris Arias

Boys Group Evoke – performing in 2013